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About Us

Young Tap Dancer

Our governing principle is to have the utmost patience with the youngest dancers and heightened creativity with your older, more experience students.



Joe & MarisaDancePix is an on-site photography company, serving the dance community since 1995. Joe Peoples and Marisa Pellegrini-Peoples are the husband and wife team at the helm. We enlist the services of only the best photographers, dancers, computer technicians, and other support personnel, to work under our direct supervision and guidance, producing the finest dance photography available.


Mission Statement

To create photographs that portray dancers at their best, showcasing their abilities and providing their families with beautiful pictures that they are eager to share and will cherish for a lifetime.  

The governing principle at DancePix is to have the utmost patience with the youngest dancers and increasing creativity with your older, more experienced students.


Why Use DancePix?


Having had many years of repeat customers and an increasingly-busy schedule, we can honestly say we’ve mastered the art of making  Picture Day a pleasant experience.

Art & Technology

DancePix is totally digital…there’s no more film! This is terrific because we can immediately see the photos we take and ensure we capture a great smile, along with the proper positioning of poses, and perfect timing of leaps and jumps. We also retouch every image, taking out foreign objects and marks on the floor, and bruises on the skin. Just as you have strict standards and discipline with your students, we also hold ourselves to the highest photographic standards, making sure skintones are perfect (and we do mean perfect!), highlights have detail and shadows are “just right”.

We’re commited to photographing the art of dance and spend the off-season learning about new photographic technology, taking courses, and attend performances on Broadway and The Ballet. Unlike many other photographers, we do know the difference between tondue and fondue!


DancePix has backgrounds, specially-painted to compliment and coordinate with the colors of your dancers’ costumes. They’re wide enough for your large groups and we have an inventory enabling us to use a different color at your school each season.

Customer Satisfaction

DancePix stands behind every photograph we take with a 100% money back guarantee.  After photos are delivered, we are available to your parents to directly address any questions and requests they have.

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