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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve looked at other photographers; why would I use DancePix?

The photos you see on our website are indicative of the photographic quality and standards we bring to every school. We also have the experience to help you organize Picture Day, and have the proper staff so that your students get the attention they need, while keeping on schedule. Other details about DancePix can be found on the About Us page.

 How soon are pictures delivered?

Because we retouch every photo to ensure proper color and take out distractions like debris on the background and a wrinkle here and there, we deliver photos 6-8 weeks from the time pictures are ordered. We encourage you to do a side-by-side comparison between DancePix and photographers who deliver in a much shorter time span and notice the big difference in quality.

What are your prices?

We have packages that are priced so that everyone is able to buy photos; whether the student has one costume or twenty.

What about things like posing…who does that?

Good question! While our photographers are able to correct certain positioning, we feel it’s more efficient to have a dancer pose the students. Some teachers like to pose their own kids or have someone from the school pose. We also have professional dancers available to accompany the photographers to pose the students.

How do the parents order pictures?

We provide a printed envelope, well in advance of Picture Day,  detailing the packages and prices, with plenty of room to fill out costume description and quantity. When you contact Marisa, one of her questions will concern the options of pre-paying, with a 100% guarantee, or to allow parents to see proofs before ordering (slightly more expensive).

Who do the parents talk with if they have questions?

Parents are encouraged to call us directly with questions they have before they’ve ordered and after photos have been delivered. A reorder form is included with their finished photos and we even have special items like mugs, buttons, keychains, statues, and prints on canvas and fine art paper available to order.

I’m interested and would like to know more; what do I do next?

You can call 201-313-4440, and Marisa will gladly talk with you. She’ll ask  questions that will help determine the needs of your school and ensure a pleasant experience.   

There’s also a form you can fill out on the Contact Us page and Marisa will call you, at your convenience.